And people say Pepper doesn’t have enough spunk to match Tony in their relationship.

Come on, we all know who wears the pants between these two.




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The Samulet and the Impala are characters. Okay?

Why did they do this?! It means soooo much! I feel like Dean should find the Samulet lying around and with that he realizes how much Sam loves him, has always loved him, and it’s what saves him from the Mark of Cain.

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The brother's relationship this season is really upsetting me{I think this is the furthest they've ever been apart}. I hate that the writers are forcing the 'It may seem like they hate each other, but really they're stronger than ever' line, down our throats. That's NOT how it's being portrayed on my TV screen. (Maybe i'm watching a different show?) I just hope that the characters don't do a complete 180, and all of a sudden forgive each other, especially on Sam's part.


I can’t honestly think of anything that would come off as more false than a sudden 180, or a worse message.  Sam loves Dean, and I think he’s shown that repeatedly, but I don’t think that he’s ready to forgive him nor do I think he should forgive him yet.  Dean won’t acknowledge that he did wrong and seems pretty set on the idea that Sam is in the wrong for objecting (“The Purge.”)  So… Sam can’t really be safe around Dean, not completely, as long as Dean believes that he has the right to override Sam’s right to consent to the use of his own body.  

Don’t get me wrong.  While I’m enjoying the discussions that I’ve participated in on tumblr and elsewhere, I don’t enjoy the split between the brothers and I hate, hate hate what this season has done to Dean’s character.  We have to deal with the canon that we’ve been dealt but I’d love to see a real “us against the world” season where the brothers treat each other with respect and actually go after their enemies with a united front and tear down everything that stands in their way.  No hidden agendas, no lies, no secrets, just two brothers and a lot of butt-kicking.  



Did you miss the part where he said “Same circumstances” hearkening to months of gaslighting and a history of mental illness and glaring consent issues?

Did you miss the Trials, when he would rather die than disappoint you again?

Did you miss all the times he has saved your life, and the reason you still hunt with him?

Did you miss the part where he went to Hell to save you and the rest of the planet?

Did you miss the part where he came back to the hunt for you after every time he tried to leave?

Same circumstances, you stupid little shit. These weren’t even remotely similar. And Sam is so much better than you that he doesn’t say a word, just takes your hate and sets it aside because he thinks you’re under the influence of the Mark.

Because for some reason, Sam still has nearly unlimited and unwavering faith in you.

God knows you don’t deserve it.


welcome to the jody fucking mills show

"I know you wouldn't have done the same for me."


"Yeah, I know you wouldn’t have done the same for me."

That’s actually Dean fucking Winchester talking to Sam.

He actually had the audacity to say that to Sam?

Sam not only looked at that damn vampire in the eyes, didn’t say a damn word that Dean was the one…


Even if I’m not in a mutual follow with you I probably still consider you my friend because if you follow me and if you reblog stuff from me enough that I actually see it then I am probably thinking ‘hey it’s that person again and they’re still reblogging from me what a friend’ (◕‿◕✿)



what if all the scenerios we make up in our head are actually real events happening in an alternative universe and we’re actually connecting with our alternate self’s mind

you just broke the fourth wall

All the stories. All the dreams. Just imagine it.

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so you’ve all probably seen this picture




well, i don’t know the girl in the “don’t support fag marriages” picture, but i did come across this:


and i feel really bad that she’s getting so much hate for a simple misunderstanding. i’m not tumblr famous or anything, so this probably won’t go too well, but i’m trying to get the word out because i feel bad for this girl. thanks

Signal boost the fuck out of this, someone who didn’t do anything wrong doesn’t deserve hate. 

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